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0 606866 $117,500.00 COND T3194093 LOW MAINTENANCE, HIGH 6140 BEECHWOOD DRIVE,DADE CITY Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
0 665531 $117,500.00 COND T3193040 COMPLETE PACKAGE! FULLY 6142 BEECHWOOD DRIVE,RIDGE MANOR Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
0 671456 $650,000.00 MULT T3162727 BENEFIT FROM MONTHLY INCOME 36520 STATE ROAD 52,DADE CITY Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
1 599238 $1,850,000.00 LOT T3190788 SO MANY POSSIBILITIES! 9495 Puckett Road Perry, , Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
3 613045 $205,000.00 SFH T3188461 ONE OF A KIND! THIS CUSTOM 35071 SMOKETREE LANE,RIDGE MANOR Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
5 659101 $15,000.00 LOT T3188223 CORNER HOMESITE IN RIDGE 6028 SUNDOWN DRIVE,DADE CITY Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
6 659103 $15,000.00 LOT T3188191 CORNER HOMESITE IN RIDGE 0 BEECHWOOD DRIVE,DADE CITY Mary T "Georgia" Bickford
8 628674 $6,695,000.00 FARM E2400931 AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO 35394 PLATT ROAD,DADE CITY Mary T "Georgia" Bickford